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Stonewall 50

Nyle DiMarco: Learning About Stonewall Made Me Even More Proud of My Community—and My Own Being

The Daily Beast

June 14, 2019

As Stonewall 50 approaches, Nyle DiMarco says: ‘LGBT people should be embraced and have equality in all corners of the world—meaning having opportunities, rights, and protections.’

When/how did you first learn about the Stonewall Riots, and what did you make of it? What is their significance for you?

I think I first learned about the Stonewall when I was 24 during NYC Pride. I was actually right by the Stonewall when my friend explained me the history. Yes—that late. It was due to the lack of representation and LGBT education within my deaf community.

When I first learned, I felt some kind of a rush and realized that we’ve been here for so long. Despite the riot, this galvanized the community, and just by learning this made me even more proud of my community—and my own being.

How far have LGBT people come since 1969?

I think we’ve come this far, but there is still so much work to be done.

What would you like to see, LGBT-wise, in the next 50 years?

LGBT people to be embraced and have equality in all corners of the world—which means having opportunities, rights, and protections.