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Pregnant Meghan Markle’s stamina ‘amazes’ and ‘impresses’ the Queen

The Daily Beast

February 26, 2019

‘The queen is amazed by the duchess’s energy and stamina given that she is so heavily pregnant,’ a royal aide told Vanity Fair.

As a member of the royal family, it doesn’t get much better than compliments and praise from the queen herself, which—if reports are to be believed—Meghan Markle just received.

According to a report in Vanity Fair, the Queen—so says “a palace aide”— has been “impressed” with how Prince Harry and Meghan are representing her overseas, most recently this week in Morocco.

“The Queen is amazed by the duchess’s energy and stamina given that she is so heavily pregnant,” the aide told VF. “For the Queen and her generation, you generally hid your bump and put your feet up in this stage of pregnancy, but Meghan hasn’t stopped.”

The Queen’s reported seal of approval follows Meghan recently taking on two of the Queen’s royal patronages.

Meghan went to Morocco following a high-profile trip to New York City to celebrate her baby shower, with friends including Serena Williams and Amal Clooney, who hosted the events. Meghan was photographed during the trip at the Mark Hotel, as well as heading to dinner at the chichi Polo Lounge.

The extravagance of the royal trip ruffled some royal commentators’ feathers, even though the British taxpayer did not foot the bill (which some estimated to be in the region of $200,000).

Within days of returning from New York City, Meghan (with Harry) traveled to Morocco, where the royal couple drew plaudits for a series of engagements including visiting one school to support girls’ education, as well as attending other events aimed at strengthening ties between Britain and Morocco.

At a school visit in Asni, Meghan was congratulated for her pregnancy.

“What, you’re pregnant?” Harry deadpanned to Meghan.

“Surprise,” she replied.

“Is it mine?” he joked.

The success of the Morocco trip might even earn a missive from the Queen.

“There may well be a letter waiting for the duke and duchess when they return,” the aide told VF. “She (the Queen) respects hard work and loyalty above everything.”

Courtiers on the trip, said VF, think Meghan has “some serious stamina” and that “her work ethic is pretty impressive, she really doesn’t stop.”

Next week, Meghan will be reunited with Kate Middleton at an event bringing together the whole royal family to mark the 50th anniversary of Prince Charles’ investiture as the Prince of Wales.

The two women, and their husbands, had been rumored to have been feuding. Whatever the truth of that, Meghan and Harry are soon to leave the “Fab Four’s” residence of Kensington Palace to move into their new home of Frogmore Cottage near Windsor, Berkshire. Their baby’s due date is thought to be late April.