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Tom Ford’s leopard comes to the NYFW disco in hot pink

The Daily Beast

February 8, 2018

A leopard may not change its spots, but a Tom Ford leopard sure knows how to keep them colorful.

Out leopard print came at his Fall/Winter 2018 womenswear extravaganza—and a Tom Ford show is always an extravaganza of the famous, smart, and glamorously accented—held at the Armory in New York City on Thursday night. It was on shiny pantsuits and slinky sweaters, and it came acid-bright in hot pink and lime green. It was even, most prettily, on a tiered, ruffled yellow dress.

The pre-game at Tom Ford is: Who was that on the front row? I did love the people behind me who, observing the flashbulb activity around Zayn Malik, had a collective head-scratch of knowing they should know who it was, and that it was a pop star, right, until someone said loud enough for group clarity: “ZAYN. IT’S ZAYN FROM… I MEAN HE’S JUST ZAYN NOW.”

Mystery solved. And, in a sea of men wearing respectful-Fordian black suit, and white short/black tie combos, he showed that you can wear green—two-tone, jacket and sweater—and jeans and white sneakers, and still hog all the attention.

Alongside him: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Hailey Baldwin. On the decks: a mash-up of “So Excited” to set the party tone.

On the models, leopard just looked like leopard, with a boxy jacket the accompaniment to black shiny trousers. Then there was the jacket with leopard print collars, arms, and then black and blue and orange—like the world’s best camp jigsaw. Leopard-print even came with a shiny, glittery covering, and on leggings. Most fabulously, it came on a red bomber jacket and pedal pusher pants.

That cut and paste aesthetic—with clothing featuring leopard print meeting monochromes meeting bright colors—was in evidence on other items, like a short dress that reminded you of cutting and pasting stuff from magazines from, umm, some time ago. Flower petals, lips, leopard, zig-zags all jostled merrily. One sweatshirt came with the sparkling moniker “Tom Ford: Beverly Hills.” On top of another model’s head: a silver headband, because if you’re going to sweat in Fordlandia, you will do so fabulously.