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What Made ‘Downton Abbey’ So Magical? Tim Teeman Speaks To PBS

The Daily Beast

March 5, 2016

Goodbye Downton Abbey: we will miss you.

But before we miss you, you have to finish with us.

I discussed the magic of Downton with Jack Ford of Channel Thirteen’s MetroFocus show this week. Our conversation is below, and there are no spoilers.

Jack said he and his wife were big fans too.

We need to know: is Lady Mary really married off, happily ever after, to Talbot. What about Lady Edith? Will she get some kind of happy ending, or will she be—lost to time—Poor Edith forever and ever?

Lord and Lady Grantham: content, or due one more soap-on-the-floor disaster, or violent blood explosion at the table?

Mr and Mrs. Carson: he will stop being an asshole, right?

Mr. and Mrs. Bates have only less than two hours to not be arrested for a crime they did not commit…

The Dowager Countess cannot leave us, without some more zingers being slung, and the machinations of Isobel, dicing with Lord Merton’s ghastly son and ghastlier wife, must be concluded.

And Barrow: for goodness sake, let Barrow be happy.

The Daily Beast will have a review of the finale, and an interview with one of the show’s stars looking back on their time with it, as soon as the show ends on Sunday night.

Until then, fellow fans, here are two Downton fans chewing the fat.