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What Did Lady Gaga Say to Prince Harry?

The Daily Beast

June 9, 2015

Please say they went out partying together.

Please say they are still out partying together.

Sometimes faces in the pop-cultural firmament collide—deliciously. And so it was in London last night when Lady Gaga met Prince Harry at a concert at the Royal Albert Hall for WellChild, a charity that supports sick children, which Harry is patron of.

Rounding out the “I would love to have been a fly on that champagne bottle” picture was Elton John and Tony Bennett. (Bennett and Gaga are currently on their ‘Cheek To Cheek Tour.)

Gaga’s stage outfit was, apparently, a see-through dress, lots of feathers, and glitter. Another picture, taken before the event, shows Harry looking down on Gaga, wearing a low-cut dress, and trying—as Page Six put it—to keep his eyes off her “tatas.”

The AP reported that Bennett told Harry: “Your mum [Princess Diana] was a good friend of mine. I did many benefits with her.”

“That’s fantastic,” Harry replied.

Harry told Bennett that he didn’t know how he had the energy to do the concerts, to which Gaga joked: “He runs circles round me. Wait until we get on stage!”

The GagaDaily website reported that the pop star told the prince: “We are so happy to be here tonight and be of any help, we think you are fantastic. And thank you for bringing it here so we can support you.”

GagaDaily reports that Gaga dedicated Edith Piaf’s ‘La Vie En Rose’ to WellChild and Prince Harry. “Together they are raising awareness and money for children and it takes care of them for a very long period of time making sure they’re looked after. I think if you have a voice and you choose to use it for good things, that is something to be applauded.

“So tonight, let’s cheers to them, to doing good things. Because if anyone can afford a ticket to be here tonight, you’re doing pretty fucking good.”

The charity, which reportedly raised around $154,000 on the night, posted more pictures of the event here.

Fortunately, if you consider the photographs of Gaga too dressed-down and modest for her royal audience, she was back on reassuringly outrageous form dressed up in a mesh dress, sequined nipple pasties, and with a black, all-consuming feathery Philip Treacy fascinator headpiece when she went out later in the evening.

Seemingly pursued by a small European country-sized contingent of paparazzo, Gaga, Treacy, and her amazing headpiece went partying at the Box nightclub in Soho. We can only hope Harry sneaked in too.