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Ana Matronic

Diva magazine

January 1, 2013


Put a pop star in a photographer’s studio and, typically, japes will ensue in a dizzying swirl of loud music, outrageous poses, feather boas and shimmery skirts. But on a darkening November afternoon in midtown Manhattan, the Empire State Building grandly lit outside, the mood is muted as Ana Lynch, or Ana Matronic as the Scissor Sisters singer is known, poses statuesquely in a gorgeous orange silk dress and silver heels, her red hair whirled into a sleek peak. The reason for the muteness is there is a simple sign she is holding: “Being Lesbian Is Not A Crime.”

It’s not surprising she is holding the sign, related to Amnesty International’s Write For Rights campaign: the Scissor Sisters, with their glorious mash-up of disco, electroclash, new wave and glam-rock, were born on the Lower East Side in the early 2000s, fully immersed in gay politics and boundary-dissolving “queer” identity. When I remark to Lynch – who in 2010 married Seth Kirby, her partner of nine years – that she defines herself as “bisexual”, she says: “I have, in my life and professionally, sought to blur distinctions. I don’t like identifying as gay or straight or even bisexual. I don’t necessarily like identifying as a woman. I identify as a human being and I enjoy distinctions being taken away. I believe in human rights. We should treat each other exactly the same whoever we are. The rigid constructs put into place to define us don’t really work.”


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