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Daniel Radcliffe

Attitude magazine

February 1, 2012


Radcliffe looks like his mother and he and his father are so close in personalities that they they have ‘clashed a few times.’ The last year has been ‘especially amazing’ because for four years Radcliffe’s relationship with them was tested by his extreme drinking. ‘I’ve stopped now. It started when I was 17 when I moved out. It was like “Wow, I can do whatever I like”, and I did, and it became routine. it was three or four years of annihilation, and by the end my stomach was in bits. I was drinking daily, every night. It got me into many dangerous situations. I’m the type of person who has two drinks and is great fun, but have six more and I become a nuisance and have to be taken home, and friends have to look after me.

‘After a while I got sick of being that person. Every day I would go into work and laugh about the behaviour I indulged in the night before, but after a while humour no longer works in terms of processing what is actually shame. You have a moment when you go, “I don’t need this, I’m better than this”. My parents could see what was happening to me, didn’t know what to do and were terrified. Now I’m their son again, and I’ve found my parents again.’


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